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People Tracking Technologies generate actionable insights to increase conversation rates and profits of physical locations

Regardless of how you track people, the location position and time-based data quantify the In-Store Customer’s Journey in retail stores, shopping malls, airports, stadiums, and smart cities.

To put it simply –

By tracking people’s behaviors in your physical location, you build a data-driven decision process and get more conversions, sales, and profits from the assets you already have. 

Biometrics - Facial Recognition
Biometrics - Facial Recognition
Biometrics - Facial Recognition

Measures the unique characteristics for the purposes of identification or authentication.

Biometrics - Facial Recognition
Biometrics - Facial Demographics
Biometrics - Facial Demographics
Biometrics - Facial Demographics

A viable technology in camera-based tracking solutions used for In-Store Analytics.

Biometrics - Facial Demographics
Biometrics - Eye-Tracking
Biometrics - Eye-Tracking
Biometrics - Eye-Tracking

Eye Tracking measures the relative motion of the eye to the position of the head.

Biometrics - Eye-Tracking
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Biometrics - Facial Recognition

The European Union created GDPR. In China, the government actively supports the development of facial recognition technology.

In the United States, the retailers and brands are conflicted between the obvious benefits of facial recognition and concerns about a backlash due to inaccuracy and privacy.

To deal with consumer sensitivity to privacy, you have 3 options:

  • Facial Identification: the technology compares an image to a given image within a database. Facial Identification is often used for security and surveillance.
  • Facial Selfies: the same tech as facial identification with one caveat – the person uploads self-image, tags it, and consent to sharing the data. Used in loyalty programs.
  • Facial Demographics: the software process facial features and the output is data on gender and age. The identity of the face remains anonymous.

The nuances of consumer privacy and consent are muddled by HOW and WHERE the data is stored and processed.

Biometrics - Facial Demographics

In 2020, Facial Demographics became a viable technology in camera-based tracking solutions used for In-Store Analytics. The difference between facial recognition and facial demographics is in the importance of attributes such as the shape of the eye, and chic to chin ratio. Biometrics attributes provide demographic and behavioral information on visitors to physical stores without requiring to knowing their identity. Regardless of the anonymity of facial attributes, solution providers have the ability to learn about a wide variety of behaviors, for example: Gender, Returning visitors, Staff recognition, Age groups, Skin Attributes…

Biometrics - Eye Tracking

Eye Tracking measures the relative motion of the eye to the position of the head. In online Conversation Rate Optimization (CRO), eye-tracking technology offers valuable insights to what people see on the webpage. The use of eye-tracking technology for physical retail is new. The tracking technology is a combination of training the software to recognize images (Deep Learning AI) and the context of a physical location, such as a window, or storefront, or a display. Eye Tracking Technology, for example, is used to analyze the Visibility Rate in product positioning and customer engagement studies.

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Why Biometric Identification is More than Just Fingerprints

Security concerns are one of the most important reasons why biometric authentication has become the need of the hour. With biometric authentication, you are able to eliminate payment fraud activities such as card skimming, chip switching and shoulder surfing, etc.

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